Tinnitus Management

Professional tinnitus management in Skipton

The professionals at The Skipton Audiologist use a variety of treatments to manage your tinnitus symptoms.

We will use a questionnaire approach to help both the Audiologist and you to understand the effects the tinnitus is having on you.

What is tinnitus?

The simplest description of tinnitus is any noise in your head or ears that does not have an external reason. Many people describe very quiet noises that they find distressing and at The Skipton Audiologist we have had many people over the years who describe hearing loud noises that they are not disturbed or distressed by.

In most people experiencing tinnitus there is an underlying hearing loss and to help manage your tinnitus our Audiologists will carry out a full hearing consultation. We may recommend you pursue hearing technology to enhance your hearing. This often helps the perception of tinnitus by not only making the tinnitus less noticeable as other external sounds are restored, but by improving your hearing and communication ability, we often find you are less fatigued at the end of the day and your stress levels are reduced.

We want you to feel confident in the treatment options available to you.

As part of a tinnitus consultation with The Skipton Audiologist we will consider your overall ear health and hearing levels. We will use a questionnaire approach to help both the Audiologist and you to understand the effects the tinnitus is having on you. We will then discuss the mechanisms of tinnitus and the mechanisms of tinnitus distress. Understanding the ways, you can manage your reaction to your tinnitus is very important, and we will take the time to work through this in detail.

If appropriate we will recommend hearing technology to suit any hearing loss you may have.
We can also offer relaxation exercises and advice on sleep management, as well as using counselling skills to help you understand and manage your tinnitus experience.

There are no miracle cures for tinnitus and the aim of our tinnitus service is unfortunately not to silence the noise you hear. We aim to assist you in ensuring there are no underlying areas of concern, that your hearing is the best it can be and that you know both the mechanisms of how tinnitus occurs and the most important part how you can manage your tinnitus better.


There are some great online resources that explain the mechanisms around tinnitus and tinnitus perception, there are also some very poor resources. We would suggest a great place for you to start is at the British Tinnitus Association website.

Start improving your hearing today

If you have any questions about your hearing, or if you would like to book a clinic appointment, we’d love to hear from you.