Custom Ear Protection

Custom hearing protection provider in Skipton

At The Skipton Audiologist we offer custom hearing protection for:

  • Musicians & vocalists
  • Concerts & Clubs
  • Working in noise
  • Machine & power tool operation
  • Motorsport & Motorcycling
  • Shooting
  • Flight plugs for pressure relief

We want you to feel confident in the treatment options available to you.

As with all our services we offer a friendly service designed to meet your needs for noise protection. We work with several manufacturers to ensure we have a great range of products to suit all requirements.

Our bespoke service includes an abbreviated screening hearing test during your consultation as well as custom moulding your hearing protection to get a unique fit for your ears.

At The Skipton Audiologist we believe that knowing your hearing status is an important part of looking after your ears throughout life and include this with your hearing protection consultation.

Prices for hearing protection vary on your needs but passive protection begins at £120.00 for a pair of filtered customised plugs.

Ear Protection for Swimming and water sport enthusiasts

We offer ear plugs custom made for your unique ear shape and size which will dramatically reduce the amount of water entering your ear canal during any water-based activity.

Costs for these plugs and impression taking are £90

Impression taking

We are also able to carry out otoscopy and take impressions for you to order from online custom earplug retailers.

If no wax removal is required, the cost for this service is £50.00

Start improving your hearing today

If you have any questions about your hearing, or if you would like to book a clinic appointment, we’d love to hear from you.