Hearing Rehabilitation

Patient centred hearing rehabilitation in Skipton

At The Skipton Audiologist we know that getting a pair of new hearing aids is not the answer to all the communication needs for every person with a hearing and communication issue they wish to improve.

Technology can only ever be part of the solution.

As a part of our hearing consultation, we will examine other ways we can support you and your friends, family, and colleagues to maximise your hearing potential.

As part of our standard service packages, we will include hearing and communication tactics. We can add on extra sessions with you and your significant others to cover an understanding of tactics for communication as well as extra practice with those tactics.

Wireless technology can be an extremely useful tool in our armoury, and we have a wireless demonstration area in the practice.

Brain Training

We may hear with our ears, but we listen to and understand sounds with our brains. The ear-to-brain connection can weaken with hearing loss or the natural ageing process.

One of the exciting rehabilitation tools we can offer at The Skipton Audiologist is a Training Programme called LACE. LACE UK is a web-based auditory training program that retrains your brain to understand sounds better in situations where hearing is difficult, with or without hearing aids.

LACE and other auditory training programmes work by getting you to practice listening, particularly listening to speech in noise and included in the LACE programme are lots of great communication tips that help you understand the things you can do to make hearing and communication better as you are using your new hearing aids.

We will take the time during your hearing journey with us to discuss these rehabilitation tools and how they might fit into your plan going forwards.

Start improving your hearing today

If you have any questions about your hearing, or if you would like to book a clinic appointment, we’d love to hear from you.