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Expert hearing aid products in Skipton

Hearing clearly involves more than just making sounds louder.  Our ear, hearing nerve and our brain must work together to make sense of the sounds around us.  These sounds are dynamic, complex, and constantly changing.  The brain handles this complexity, to ensure we hear and to help create meaning from it all.  Today’s hearing technology must also understand this complexity and aim to work more like the brain.

At The Skipton Audiologist we offer the latest technology available in hearing devices. No matter which technology is used, the goal is to amplify and process sound so you can hear clearly and more naturally, wherever you are. Our goal at The Skipton Audiologist is to provide you with an innovative solution to your hearing and communication needs, tailored to you.

We provide you with a full report and details of our technology recommendation and pricing by post after your hearing consultation appointment.

All-inclusive 3-year plan

With purchases of hearing aids from the Skipton Audiologist, we include a service package which consists of:

  • Impression taking for your custom devices
  • Programming and verifying your hearing instruments in your ears.
  • Instruction on use.
  • Counselling on the familiarisation process to the new technology.
  • Free field testing of the hearing instruments to ensure they are working well.
  • Base line objective measurements of the fitting so that we can compare the aids back to these at your 6 monthly appointments to ensure they remain in calibration.
  • Annual hearing tests
  • Minimum of one appointment every 6 months to check the technology and your ear health 
  • Any appointments you require for follow up in between the 6 monthly check for 3 years.
  • Either access to an online Auditory Training program called LACE or a communication handbook after the hearing instruments are fitted, (this is decided as a personal preference).
  • All repairs except loss and damage for 3 years.
  • All cleaning and maintenance supplies required for 3 years.
  • Any ear wax removal you require for 3 years.

The package offers a worry free 3-year care of any devices purchased from The Skipton Audiologist , giving you as much time as you need over those 3 years to continue to hear well.

Money back guarantee

Your adaptation period is set to 30 days as standard, although we can extend this during your follow up appointments and conversations.

If the technology is not working for you, it is possible to get your money back for the hearing technology and service packages within these 30 days.

Start improving your hearing today

If you have any questions about your hearing, or if you would like to book a clinic appointment, we’d love to hear from you.