Hearing Consultation

Professional hearing consultations in Skipton

Our hearing consultation is a comprehensive ear health consultation and hearing test with a highly skilled audiologist.

We will complete a detailed assessment of your hearing to determine the presence, severity, and type of any hearing loss. Listening to your concerns, we will then build a detailed picture of your hearing needs, before working with you to form an individually tailored care plan, specific to your lifestyle.

Your hearing consultation

Hearing consultation appointments take approximately 90 minutes to complete and start off with a review of your hearing.

Our audiologist will consider any personal health information related to your hearing difficulties and will ask you some questions about how it affects your daily life. They’ll also listen to any concerns you have.

Some of the components of the consultation are

History taking

Medical and ear health history


Otoscopy, to view your ear canals and ear health

Air Conduction Test

This is simply putting on headphones and you listening for sounds. This test checks the whole of your auditory system to the point in the brain where you detect and identify sounds.

Bone Conduction Test

This uses the same sounds as the air conduction test, we put the sounds in using a different pathway. This test allows us to isolate parts of your hearing system and be clearer about what part of your hearing system is working well or might need help.

Speech Tests

Sometimes even if your tests for beeps are within a normal range, we will still want to check your hearing for speech sounds or speech in noise.


This is a test of how your middle ear is functioning.

Cost: £75

Time approximately 1.5 hours

We want you to feel confident in the treatment options available to you.

This is our standard hearing assessment service. Using all the information we have just worked with you to get we will discuss your results and ensure you know about the options you have for your continued hearing health.

We will write a detailed report for you on our hearing consultation and send this to you by post. If you choose to discuss hearing technology immediately, we can carry on doing this, but equally you can go home and look at the information we have got together and discuss the next steps and recommendations with your family or friends. Your hearing assessment has been paid for and all the information is yours to take away.

Start improving your hearing today

If you have any questions about your hearing, or if you would like to book a clinic appointment, we’d love to hear from you.