Hearing healthcare in Skipton

Independent Audiologist in Skipton, North Yorkshire

The Skipton Audiologist is an independent audiology practice Our dedicated clinic in the heart of Skipton is welcoming and well equipped. Our technology allows testing of your hearing thresholds, performance in noise, and performance of your hearing aids.

Our goal is to help you maintain your hearing health throughout life.

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Hearing solutions

Hearing Aids

We are passionate about providing you with the best hearing aid for your hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Wax Removal

At The Skipton Audiologist we offer Ear Wax Removal using Micro suction, irrigation, and instrumentation.

Hearing Consultation

Our hearing needs assessment is a professional consultation and hearing test with a highly skilled audiologist.

About Skipton Audiologist

The practice is owned by Sue Falkingham. Sue was born in Bradford and started her journey in audiology aged 18 at Bradford Royal Infirmary. Over her 12 years there she trained not only as an Audiologist but also as a Hearing Therapist.

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